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Santorini – the island to fall in love with

Santorini is a small island at the most southern end oft he cyclades. The official name is Thira (Thera in old greek) - as the capital oft he island – but is mostly called Santorini.

The island is situated between Ios and Anafi, approx 130 miles from Piräus and 70 miles from Crete  – 96km2 and a coastline of 69 km. In 2011 there were approx 13000 people living on Santorini island. 
Santorini has a different structure and landscape than the other cyclade islands – due to the dramatic eruptions of the vulcano. Coming into the harbour one has the fantastic view to Thira and Oia – the houses on the edge of the crater are looking like snow covered. On the westside the isalnd has beautiful sandy (Perissa, Monolithos) and black lavastone (Kamari)  beaches.


From the harbour of  Skala you reach the capital oft he island – Thira,  (300 m above sealevel)  by 586 steps, traditionally the donkeys carry people and goods up to Thira but now there is a cablecar, much more comfortable than to walk or the donkey ride .

In Thira you`ll find some very interesting museums, some nice artsgalleries and 100s of souveniershops and gold&silver dealers as well as a hugh variaty of restaurants.

Take to chance and get a coffee and watch the sunset at the worldfamous FRANCO`S BAR

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Santorini is a small island at the most southern end oft he cyclades.